How to add & remove owners & managers for your Google Business Profile

Here’s a simple guide on how to add or remove owners and managers from your Business Profile, explained in easy words.

Adding or Removing People

If you’re in charge of a Business Profile, you can invite others to help out by making them either owners or managers. Everyone gets their own access without needing to share login details. Here’s the difference: owners have more control, including adding or removing people, while managers can’t do as much but can remove themselves if needed. Remember, only the main person in charge can make big changes like transferring ownership.

Steps to Add People

  1. Find Your Business Profile: First step is to locate your profile on the platform.
  2. Open Settings: Click on the menu, then find “Business Profile settings” and go to “People and access.”
  3. Invite New Users: Click on “Add” or “Invite new users,” type in their name or email, and decide if they should be an owner or a manager.
  4. Send the Invite: Hit “Invite.” They’ll get an email to accept, and once they do, you’ll be notified.

Tips for Adding: People you invite can join right away. You can see all the current and invited users. If you change your mind about someone, you can cancel their invite.

Understanding Limits for New Owners or Managers

Newly added folks have to wait a week before they can use all features. They’ll run into errors if they try to do things like deleting the profile or changing other people’s roles too soon.

How to Remove People

  1. Access Your Profile: Just like adding, start by getting to your Business Profile.
  2. Find the Person: Under settings, go to “Managers,” find the person you want to remove, and click “Remove person.”

If you’re having trouble removing someone, it might be because you’re trying to remove the main owner (you’ll need to transfer that role first) or because you’re a manager (only owners have the power to remove others).

Changing Someone’s Role

  1. Go to Your Profile Settings: Navigate to the “Managers” section.
  2. Pick the Person: Choose who you want to change, select their new role (like making them the primary owner or switching between owner and manager), and save your changes.

Tip for Primary Owners: If you’re the main person in charge, you can pass on your ownership to someone else.

This guide should help you manage your Business Profile more effectively, ensuring the right people have the right access to help your business thrive online.